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  • outsidetoinside outsidetoinside Sep 4, 2011 7:38 PM Flag

    Has the Fed gone insane? 1mo, 3mo, and 6mo T-Bills have all yielded zero %

    sometime this year!!!! Are they going to keep printing money and loaning it to the Treasury until all maturities yield zero %?

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    • and you see what they did to Japan to cure that problem....

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      • sure, they destroyed the equity in people homes so now it's time to go after the IRA and 401K and savings accounts of the people that have been lectured over their entire lives on how when you get close to retirement you shift your investments into bonds.

        Well that zero interest rate policy is wiping out the savings of millions. They will retire in poverty and become dependent on a Medicare and Social Security system that has already been raided and is bankrupt too.

        Millions of these people are suppose to live in poverty while the bankers get rewarded with raises and bonuses for the crimes against humanity that they created with their frauds.

        It's a wonder anyone is going to work at all. What are you going to get in return at your shovel ready job. A US dollar that the Fed is debasing EACH AND EVERY DAY FORWARD?!

        Any savings that you have that represents the work that you have once done is being made worthless by the Fed's actions. No buying power for anything.

        Seriously, may sound like tin foil hat conspiracy stuff but why work? You're only going to be taxed for things like social security that will not exist when it comes time to collect. The wages corporations are willing to give out in no way pay enough so that you can save for your future so that you don't have to depend of social welfare.

        So what's the point? Well ya gotta eat but besides that why break your behind for some corporation that will drop you in a minute without notice because they have no moral conscience.

        What I see in the very near future is an underground economy because there is less advantage belonging to this main stream corporate run society as each day passes.

        Yes, the Fed and it's leaders have gone insane with greed.

    • yes, welcome to japan

    • "Gone" insane? How about from conception Criminally Insane!!! Bernanke is A.) Manifestly Incompetent B.) Completely Corrupt C.) All of the above - Ask yourself WHY? Cui Bono

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