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  • iced_hour iced_hour Sep 14, 2011 3:14 PM Flag

    Timothy Geithner LIES - We are in a depression not recession.

    The jobs situation stinks, even as corporate profits keep rising. Another 131,000 jobs were lost to the economy in July, according to the Labor Department’s latest report released Friday. The measured unemployment rate stayed stuck at 9.5 percent. BTW real unemployment is around 23%.

    Look at the terrible economic numbers today and those numbers are most likely cooked. The Dow should be down 500+ easily... 2008 was nothing compared to what's coming FACT

    The jobs left to China and they are not coming back.

    Stop listening to the CNBC pawns and others of the like. Use caution folks.

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    • You are on target. This is a suckers market, Europeans are kiss and not telling the truth about Greece. The Germans are tiring to delverage their Greek, Italian, Ireland, Spain, Portugal holdings.

      Major US companies are offering jobs but people can't move out of their homes and can't sell because they are UNDERWATER. People have to take a job and move and live in a small rental flat while paying off their Mortgage. Soon people must make a break and let the banks take their houses and will have to go bankrupt and wait out the 7 year courts.

    • Rolling Stone can write yet ANOTHER article about the MASSIVE CORRUPTION at the SEC DESTROYING DOCUMENTS and EVIDENCE of the Banking / Mortgage / In General Loot What's Left of the Middle CRISIS ... No concern...just give Financial Terrorists...oops..."Job Creators" MORE bail outs and no jobs...what jobs are left pay 1/2 of what they were 2 years ago so they won't be buying that new IPOD or Plasma...trying to buy food & Gas...they WANT US TO BE Chile / Mexico...WE ARE CHILE & MEXICO!!!

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