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  • dgm041153 Jun 1, 2012 12:05 PM Flag

    Wealth Is No Longer Honored Because, Of How It's Been Gotten By Most

    What do you think now ????? God Bless.

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    • OFF TOPIC-

      Regarding the unemployment rate which has basically been ignored-(stock market related)for years-ie 1+1=2, employment, housing etal.Why doesn't this administration offer 1/2 the Social security pymt of a 70 yr, full retiree to the unemployed 55 and over and graduate the entittlement to a full 62 year rate at a later date and offer 3/4 of the 70 year rate at full retirement at 70. This would lessen the competition for jobs for the already unemployed and take the harness off the states. The funds are already guaranteed for those 55 and over and the actuaries could figure out a more precise formula that would put CITIZENS EARNED CONTRIBUTIONS back into society. Less would be asking for food stamps and other programs. Both States and employers would not have to pay the greater payroll increase on wages due to the high number of claimants and those 70 million people would be guaranteed monies to live on till they found a job or just dropped out. Its THEIR MONEY CONTRIBUTED.
      Someone should be able to devise a workable solution without squeezing the entitlement program. It would help WITHOUT ADDING DEBT.

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