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  • taratara144 taratara144 Aug 10, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    lyingherd: correcting u on ww2

    ur figures of US casualties is way off.
    even if it was the correct figure a huge % of those did not die fighting germany but rather in the pacific theatre.
    secondly Israel has fought four major wars and not one US soldier was involved contrary to your statement that Js get us to fight theri wars.
    in addition in gulf war 1 Israel badly wanted to fight but george bush forced them not too lest the coalition fall apart.
    compare that to the asian wars where US soldiers fought and died in large numbers protecting asian countries...
    truly i do not care who u hate or why but insist on hoenst facts.
    do not use lies to justify your hate, cant u man up and state what u are...?

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