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  • doteater Dec 6, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    The time is now and place is here......

    16.5 trillion of debt being refinaced at about 2.6% with a interest expence of about 460 billion
    imagine if we continue spending a trillion over our revenue in taxes and interest rates double witch would put them at about a normalized 5.2% (remember EU countries with less debt to GPD were (are) paying more like 5-8% india is 8% pluss..)
    with all that given in four years with 20T in debt at 5.2% we will pay ONE TRILLION dollars in interest a year.....1,040,00,000,000.00 is more exact
    not that the 40 billion from the rounded number is small potatos......
    we will collect about 2.45 T in taxes this year so we are on track to spend about
    one fifth of our taxes on debt INTEREST or about 20% of our tax revenue (recepts)
    and in four years we are on track (IMO) to spend about 40% of our taxes ON INTEREST
    from many estimetes we have about 120T in unfunded liabilites if your conservative about 40T
    if we paid interest on all of our liabilites we would only be paying off interest.......
    The "rich" dont have enough to tax to pay for it all and in reality IF we pay off a credit card with credit...
    we will sink ourselves......
    as one general said our national debt is this nations LARGEST SECURITY THREAT.........

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