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  • iguy200 Jan 20, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    Anyone seeing this on CNN right now - "Apple's decline brings to question the authenticity of the Holocaust"


    They're saying a widely held opinion now is that the J-birds made the whole thing up - specifically to sucker the world into giving them free land and trillions of free dollars (this could be where the idea to pilpher the TARP bailout came from...take billions in unneeded aid and never pay it back.) Basically the claim is...if something as evil and horrific as the Holocaust did occur, you would think the behavior from the J’s that brought it on to begin with would be removed, tempered or at least toned down. But as all Apple shareholders know firsthand, the thievery, lying, stealing, manipulating and cheating has only escalated and is more reckless than ever in today's market. Operant Conditioning failed miserably as a stimulus so it’s time to lock them all in cages…with Christian Rock blaring around the clock.

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