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  • taratara144 Feb 11, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    Rat-- again I ask can u read English...?

    I never said attack Iraq
    Made no sense whatsoever
    Iran then and now is the major exporter
    Of evil in the world
    Ur ilk also said dont attack Germany ww2
    We have nothing to fear for them
    Now u go on blah blah blah sounding
    as foolish as them ...
    It's pay me now or pay me later...
    If the democracies attacked Germany early
    nazis would have been defeated
    Instead of 60 million dead and a continent
    In ruins
    Once iran goes nuke there will be chaos
    In the ME
    An arms race
    Higher fuel prices
    More wars which will effect us
    It's Amazing u have learned nothing from
    Btw we could decimate iran w/.o putting
    At risk our troops
    Once iran goes nuke all our troops at risk

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