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  • grizelda33kitten grizelda33kitten Mar 10, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

    If you control the money, the media and the politicians, you control the people.

    What has changed since Rome?

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    • That's the way society have always been. No surprise here.

    • dgm041153 Mar 11, 2013 2:00 AM Flag

      1) World's Money Supply in to few of hand's-USA is no different in this compared with other countries, middle
      class is being squeezed while the "Top And Bottom 20%" enjoy a BOOM. No compromise by the "World
      Government's/Federal Reserves Which Are All Controlled By Wealthy And Special Interest's In The World".
      How Can This Change Without Causeing Big Problem's Around The World, I Don't Know.

      2) Open Border's Crowd of Wealthier/Academic's/Religious Group's/Business Communities/World Politician's
      will not compromise with the average everyday citizen's because they all have a vested interest in doing
      nothing on this.

      3) The Final Problem Is Our Leader's Have Put To Much Focus For Leadership And Wealth Control Into
      Education Being The Way To Gain Advancement Instead Of, Actual Work/Knowledge/Result's Of Such.

      Average People In The World Don't Understand What/Who Is Causeing Their Problem's But, This Is The Reason To Keep The Truth From Getting Out !!!!! The Leader's are very afraid to let the "Truth Be Known For Their Own Safety And Standing In The World" !!!!! Until the Truth Get's Out In The World And People Change Their Attitudes, Nothing Will Change And, The Music Keep's Playing The Same Tune. God Bless The USA.

    • Nope. Those who have the ultimate CONtrol never would share that info with you, nor with me.

      I kinda sorta would guess that there's a mid range gig in all the rest.

      That database only fills up when all are complying.

      Isn't that interesting that I'm right now in a class to learn databasing?

      Yep, cuz I see some advanges to knowing how to use what others need, or believe they need to know.

    • True and if you control the world's oil you control all nations. Rome is still in control but through Ignatius Loyola's Society of Jesus aka Jesuits now.

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