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  • rockhardchicano rockhardchicano Jun 5, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    How FDR aided Stalin's genocide of 8,000,000 Ukranians

    Wall Street and the central bankers in London and NYC had substantial money and resources invested in the Bolshevik revolution. FDR forbid international aid groups from sending food aid to the starving Ukrainians in Kiev so as not to embarrass his favorite communist. The ever dim witted US taxpayer was bilked by the banksters DC puppets into bankrolling the Soviet Empire, resulting in the deaths of 20 to 40 million Christians. Wall Street rushed in during the 1920s (not unlike China in the 1990s) to capitalize on slave labor and cheap resources. Lend lease, IMF and World Bank loans, huge agricultural grants and Détente were just some of the ways international financiers were able to transfer American tax dollars to the Godless Marxists. The Military Security Complex was eager to pile on to the national debt by having foolish US taxpayers subsidize their Cold War enemy.

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