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  • patroutman patroutman Apr 17, 2007 1:59 PM Flag

    OT - sort of... Anyone buying AWP?

    Alpine is launching a new Closed End Fund - AWP

    It is going to be a 1. Global Real Estate Fund 2. Dividend Capture Fund 3. Growth Fund

    The management team is like the whose who of Global Real Estate.

    I'm thinking this is going to be an amazing fund. It IPOs next week. You can put your pre IPO orders in if you can find someone selling them. Then again if you are against NAV premimiums, you could try to time it out, but good luck. I expect it to go up out of the gate. Then two months until they start paying 7% divs on top of the appreciation of the NAV.

    Any thoughts?

    I have my orders in.

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    • I am buying AWP!! Why you ask? Take a look at Realty Income, ticker symbol "O". They call themselves the "monthly income company" (which I have shares in). I think AWP has the same potential, only greater. Great growth and income.
      I own AWP's sisters..AOD and AGD. I am buying on opening day at the $20.00 price plus broker commission. I am NOT waiting for the "NAV" to show a drop. Why you ask? Well, I have been with AOD and ADG since their IPO days and have received nice dividends and "special dividends" and dividend increases since. Already, any drop in the NAV will be ok with me as I would buy more, but I have already made enough to negate any small "nav" drop in share price.
      ADVDX is their "mother ship" for dividends. It's a tad pricey now at 13.54 or so, but any pullback to under 13.00 would be a buying opportunity for me. Even at $13.54 its still the highest income return vehicle I can find for the normal, small, long term investor with "safety" on their minds.
      I have had very good look with Alpine Funds and have done well by them.
      Do your DD and good luck to all.

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