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  • srmedusa Feb 17, 2011 11:00 PM Flag

    I have this fund in my Roth IRA...

    You have your entire ROTH invested in 1 stock, a very risky one at that? I'm older than you and have been maxing my ROTH every year, and 44K would be ~80% of my entire account.

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    • No Sir, My ROTH IRA is all ADVDX which is a Mutual fund with many stocks within it.
      It is a growth and income fund.
      I also have 62K dollars invested in Fkinx and 250k dollars in my 401K.
      With pension and social security I hope to be retired by 59 1/2.
      Good luck to all.

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      • Cross your fingers. I, too had substantial IRA and 401K amounts saved for retirement. My projections showed that I could retire in comfort at age 62 in 2000. Guess what happened? After I retired the market collapsed with the Tech melt down. That was followed by the banking/insurance meltdown, giving investors the worst decade for investing in 100 years. Bad luck for me, as my total wealth is a mere fraction of what I had back in 2000. I've had to cut expenses drastically to make sure that I didn't run out of money before I die. Instead of touring America and the world in retirement, I now tour the Internet.

        So, I say, cross your fingers when you retire because your earning capacity drops to zero (unless you take on part-time jobs) and you are entirely dependent on that nest egg to stay in tact, lasting for the rest of your life.

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