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  • eburburan eburburan Aug 29, 2008 9:02 AM Flag

    Alaska Governor Sarah Pallin

    rumored to be McCain's choice. If so good choice for us as this will push the focus of this election even more on energy.

    I also think it's a good choice for McCain bringing in a women should help his chances. I do believe that a McCain victory is bullish for oil.

    Interested in hearing other opinions

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    • It is desperatiion and if the worst happens and he is elected and his PSTD or cancer kicks in we will have a PTA mother from a small town in ALsaka running the country. But she was a point gurad and east local food.
      The Ny Neo Cons are ordering their Viagara just so they can spooge.

    • "It sounds much more digestible to most than President Obama."
      With no factual backing, that's just an ignorant statement.
      She brings domestic drilling to the fore. Other than that, she's a hockey mom. Big deal. Keep the football away from her.

    • I love your posts Eburb but this just sealed the deal. for Obie if he didn't do it last night.
      I can't believe McCain would pick an unknown 1st term women form corrupt Alaska becaue she wanst to drill all of alaska. Think about the Evangelicals and Indies. I'm stunned if its tru. This might be a 40 state win for Obama. Get some Solar and IWnd stocks.

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      • Evangelicals should love her. 5 kids, one of which is a Mongoloid child. She's the epitomy of the perfect Christian women leader one would think.

        Only have one green stock, SATC. Hasn't done much for me to be honest however I think it's the best of the lot. If you have any other thoughts I'd sure be interested as no doubt an Obama win would light a fire under that sector.

        Another one I have played with is ESLR, I have traded it with mixed results.

        Where Obama and Biden can score big is the debates. Both are excellent debaters. I do expect the Republicans to get a bounce from their show next week so the debates is where the Dems have their best chance to take the lead.

    • Either candidate is bullish for domestic oil producers, IMO.
      Obama sez he wants to end dependence on FOREIGN oil, which I see as very bullish for CLR. The renewables program is fine; we won't be losing our highway infrastructure anytime soon.
      McCain would be status quo, and so ironically maybe less bullish for CLR as he would have more competitors in the oil patch (offshore, foreign fossil fuel suppliers).
      Choosing a little known Alaska governor would obfuscate McCain's advantage, that there's experience on his ticket over Obama, and put a real question mark on whether EITHER Republican is fit to lead, IMO.
      McCain is old and nutty

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      • "McCain is old and nutty

        I was a helicopter door gunner in Vietnam and I didn't fear death but I still have nightmares about being captured. I have seen men tortured.

        This may be ancient history but see if you can find a copy of the book "POW". Hard to read very dry but goes into great detail on how the NVA broke McCain.

        Picture yourself kneeling in a dark damp room, your arms have been broken, those broken bones have been tied behind your back and the rope looped tight around your neck to constrict your breathing if you move a muscle. The floor is cement and under your knees is a steel pipe. An interagator comes in and asks you to sign some papers stating that you were bombing unarmed civilians. Courageously you say no, he turns and closes the door and doesn't come back until the next day. Once again he asks the same question. McCain broke on the third day.

        The guy has balls that most of us can't even imagine. You may not like his politics but he deserves better than "old and nutty."

      • My thought would be that McCain has a more confrontational approach to Foreign policy. This would have a bullish effect on oil prices vs. Obama's more diplomatic approach.

        I think the Pallin choice is meant to attract Hillary supporters and a choice he can afford to make as McCain is viewed by the public, rightly or wrongly, as being more solid on Foreign policy issues. Personally I don't agree with that however my opinion is unimportant. What's important is the public perception.

        What is important here is the Pallin choice puts focus on the energy issue which I believe is bullish for us.

        I do have very strong personal feelings on geo-politics however as a trader I know I must put them aside and try to look at things objectively.

        As traders and investors we get paid to play the cards. Unfortunately we don't get to shuffle or deal the deck.

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