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  • g72301 g72301 Apr 8, 2006 7:54 PM Flag

    OT: Peter the Archeologist?

    Memphis is delta southern. Knoxville is where they think they are educated and want to be Yankees. They even go by Yankee time. A little book learning can mess some people up.
    The poor folks in Tennessee are being wiped out by storms. Another eleven killed yesterday. I have been researching storm rooms. I would like to have my own private dog house.
    Peter a friend is sending me four books on the early American Indians that are written by Archeologist. Surpose to follow their migration from the West to the East Coast. I should receive them Tuesday. I am really looking forward to reading them.
    Have I been able to work into one of my post my favorite commie? Anyway, whoever he was, he ain't alive. What is that saying, the best one is a dead one or the dead one is the best one? The Arkansas Poor Boy

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    • APB:

      Very nice response. One of my major teaching regrets is something that I allowed to happen in my survey class when I was in graduate school. I asked the class to define "Southerness" both culturally and geographically. The consensus view was that in 1993 only Mississippi and Alabama could be considered truly Southern as states, with pockets existing in Ark, La, SC and South Georgia. A nice young lady from TN, who belonged to the Chi Omegas was almost on the verge of tears, trying to defend the Volunteer State. Also had unfair sport with my students in N.Georgia whose g,g, grandaddies had been Union sympathizers and who presently brandished the stars and bars on their pickups. All of this very unfair and inconsiderate on my part to their burgeoning sense of identity and imagined community.
      Nous Sommes Tous Du Sud, pour bien et mal.


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      • said my lola.

        JP et al,

        Given the amount of population movement attested to on this board alone its amazing we have any local character left.

        From memory, we've got a guy from Florida who now lives in Ohio, a guy from Ohio who now lives in Iowa, a guy from Jersey who just bought a place in Florida, a guy from Brooklyn who lives on the left coast, a guy from North Carolina who now lives in Germany, a guy from Louisiana who now lives in Oregon, etc.

        This NYTimes article is interesting because it essentially validates the idea above by indicating that, essentially, the life of small town America, the dominant life of the beginning of the twentieth century now has to be documented as if it were a rare wine or an Ivory billed sighting:

        Hey, Dr. Contango, the Times says that they're selling the land around your golf course for housing. Should we be buyers?



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