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  • glimmerblue2002 glimmerblue2002 Apr 30, 2008 1:02 PM Flag

    DNR Board

    Do any of you who post here ever comment on DNR or am I on the wrong Board?

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    • Do any of you who post here ever comment on DNR or am I on the wrong Board?>glimmerblue

      Stick around and find out.

      IMO, the DNR yahoo board is the best investment board I've come across. Whenever there's news on DNR, it gets discussed and analyzed on the board.

      DNR, like all E&P's, is part of the larger energy picture. If conversations were solely limited to DNR, there'd be a flurry of posts every now and then coinciding with the news stories and company releases, and long periods of silence.

      Instead of that pattern a wide variety of energy and energy investment topics get discussed, debated, and ideas shared. I've learned a lot about DNR and the overall energy sector, benefited from some new ideas, from reading the board.

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      • Big River,

        The only idea that I would add to your excellent post is that this board actually does not confine itself to energy. Park, JB, Hugh and many others make valuable contributions on many other commodities, for example. Indeed, in a sense, this DNR board has become a commodities discussion board.

        I guess I would have to add another idea. The DNR board also makes an effort to integrate the commodity ideas to ideas about broader market forces and to the world economy. Harehau, yourself and many others are interested not just in the E & Ps and the other commodity producers but also in the broader picture--including, occasionally, the politics of the broader position. Very few of us agree on the politics but I completely enjoy knowing where folks stand.

        And (to exceed the ideas that might have been added to your post but with good effect), (and to pat myself on the back), this is the only energy board where you have, in addition to good energy commentary, not only the good companionship of intelligent friends but also the chance to get a great recipe!

        I don't know which is huger (Is that a word?) I guess not. I don't know which is more huge. And I don't care:

        Give me a recipe or give me a beaten up commodity play.

        John Paul Jones didn't say that. I said that.



    • I thought I was the only one. I'm thinking we could be like SWN last week who went from $37.50 on Thursday to over $45 on Friday after the beat EPS estimates. I feel that the stock is already at the bottom factoring in a bad EPS so really with another Fed cut today and good earnings tomorrow, I would think we would be in for a fantastic gain. Anybody have any thoughts?

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      • Cassmania, Glimmerblue,

        We'll have more to talk about tomorrow, obviously. 38 cents, which is expectations, doesn't seem like something that would be hard to meet or beat to me. Of more importance is what is the rate of growth of production. The last two quarters have been very strong--10% QOQ in each I think. The market will want to see that Denbury is on track to meet their own timetables.

        The DNR cc's are always good listening.



    • Glimmer Blue,

      Generally no--unless there is a specific co.
      development or news release. There is some mention around earnings reports, usually. Many energy boards, you'll find are pan-energy-- not topic specific to the stock itself.

      That said, you might want to plug DNR into the search engine here & see what you pull up.
      I knowthat pddane & galenahill have posted some excellent, insightful ananlysis in the past if you're looking to gear up on DNR.

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