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  • The CHK sale puts some pressure on MPO, don't think it changes the value, they have manageable acreage and plan to develop all of it. ARP saw good results from their wells, good read through.

    The media is doing it's best to scare the markets, who cares about Italy. The sequester happening could be a positive thing. There are still good cos that could be bought at the moment. Can't seem to get anxious about the market, not sure that is good or bad.

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    • Not sure why I even bother with e and p when the infrastructure cos seem to keep doing well. Anyway, couldn't resist buying some more MPO. Still seems the global macro for oil is still positive. I keep thinking the report tomorrow will be a positive one.

      Seems SD's value, not much downside even if Ward stays, debt is manageable, but I'm not going back to that one, maybe would in the $4s.

    • Earnings 3/5 after the close, Simmons conf presentation this Wed.

    • if the media had their head out of there a..... they would note all the Great Moisture that has fallen and is falling over the Agriculural area's of America.. This latest Blizzard in N TX, OK and KS is a God send..Sure it displaces people and their travel plans for a few days..
      The Way this Federal Govermint is being Run ( i use that term loosely ) reminds me of the Local high school PTA back in the days i was in high school.. we pharsed this as Cerebal Rectal Insuration management.

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      • Don, just finishing the Goodwin book on Lincoln, didn't know the movie was based on it largely. My take, nothing has changed in 150 years, we had buffoons back then and they are still with us, but then we had someone like Father Abraham, don't see anyone on the horizon that matches his wisdom, vision and talents. He had an uncanny ability to tolerate the those around him for the greater good. We will bounce from mini crisis to mini crisis unless we get a big one.

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