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  • dbaker08723 dbaker08723 Feb 25, 2008 6:21 PM Flag

    Dividend pay out...

    31-Jan-08 $ 0.042 Dividend
    31-Dec-07 $ 0.042 Dividend
    12-Dec-07 $ 0.068 Dividend
    30-Nov-07 $ 0.048 Dividend
    31-Oct-07 $ 0.046 Dividend
    28-Sep-07 $ 0.039 Dividend
    31-Aug-07 $ 0.048 Dividend
    31-Jul-07 $ 0.04 Dividend
    29-Jun-07 $ 0.042 Dividend
    31-May-07 $ 0.044 Dividend
    30-Apr-07 $ 0.04 Dividend
    30-Mar-07 $ 0.044 Dividend
    28-Feb-07 $ 0.039 Dividend
    31-Jan-07 $ 0.037 Dividend
    29-Dec-06 $ 0.043 Dividend

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    • doesn't this fund also pay capital gains?

    • If my math is right based upon your rates quoted for 2007, dividend total came in at .508 overall. Thus,based upon investing in PIMCO around Jan 07, the price was about $10.40 then, so DIVIDENDS came in around 4.88 % return for the year (will vary based on how your put money into this fund over the year obviously).

      Addionally, at end of 2007 )(Dec) price was around 11.00 (another .60 gain price wise) or about 5.7 %.

      And, this gives a total return of 10.58 %thereabouts. (Note: will vary on how one took positions in PIMCO, but this % is just for generally planning ... read on).

      Thus, gain in price and dividends gave an investor (investing in Jan 2007) a fairly good return verses equity indexes (S&P / DOW etc which was MINUS ....).

      But this has a teaching point I think.

      It shows that there is a "degree of timing" in this fund as there is in all investments as to getting "in and out" or taking new positioins.

      And this is why one can expect this fund to trade in a RANGE BOND MANNER (as it has done historically at highs - FUND timers will attempt to sell at highs and buy at lows .. very hard to do with discipline) until all of the "banking crisis" is worked out.

      Key is the expected "range bound" price wise of this FUND.

      What does this mean to us ?? Here is some possible tactics for dividend reinvestment and additional contributions (separate from dividends). THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION, just a discussion on what I'm doing (talk to YOUR broker for advice, not me).

      1. HOLD WHAT YOU GOT in PIMCO. Reinvesting dividends but putting one's new contributions in a money certificate or other VERY conservative investment vehicles until PIMCO dips a bit - one can expect "range bound trading" as outlined above (again look at history for the DIP ranges at highs in past market corrections - you'll get a feel for how this is "traded").

      2. Then take monies building up in CONSERVATIVE funds instrument to "Buy on DIPS" of PIMCO (again "do your homework" as to what this means - don't ask me ... do YOUR homework ... the range is there for all to see ... don't try to get BOTTOM ... just some of the dip .... at least 50 %).

      3. Then repeat #1 again as FUND prices accelerate.

      In this manner one is taking new positions with major monies at right prices (on dip) verse cost averaging in. Only do your cost avg'ing with dividends. Save new contributions (other than dividends) for the DIPS.

      This is NOT trading; rather, your BUILDING your position into PIMCO by adding at "right times" (don't recommend trying to do this with ALL funds money ... simply too hard and nerve racking for newbees .... and we're ALL newbees unless doing this for 30 years full time or more professionally).

      Just something to think about if one want's to manage their investment in this fund over time as things work out for the coming years.

      This is EXACTLY what I'm doing .. have NOT bought any more at HIGH PRICES ... am waiting (with monies coming in from pay going to guaranteed return account ... many of them .. talk to broker). Will buy more PIMCO on dip based upon history!!

      Comments welcome ....

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