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  • ail8141 ail8141 Jan 4, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    Is it time to jump ship on this fund?

    Made a bundle of money with this fund in '12

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    • You made a bundle? This a steady, stable and well managed bond fund that averages about 7% to 9% a year, how did you make this bundle? The only way you make a bundle on this fund if you have many thousands of shares. I have about 1500 shares but I ain't close to retiring on it nor am I expecting that - it is part of a bigger portfolio.
      I wouldn't sell. Who knows what will happen this year. Bill Gross and his people do a great job in limiting losses and managing there business, we should do ok. Look at the charts and performances of PTRAX, that should give you a good indication on the strength of this and many other funds they manage. I'm not greedy or unrealistic with PTRAX, maybe I would be with other funds that are risky, especially stocks. Do your dollar cost averaging, get the monthly dividend and you should do alright. You seem like you have thousands of shares and have had it for a long time, relax - I wouldn't worry. So many other stocks to worry about, the least is PTRAX bond fund. Enjoy your day.

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      • I did have many thousands of shares of PTRAX in my portfolio (See original post on Jan. 8th). This is how I was getting $500 each month in dividends. I do prefer PTRAX over Cash, however with interest rates rising this bond fund (albeit not getting slammed) is not the place I wanted to be with the amount of shares that I had at the beginning of this year. I chose to preserve my profits and reduce my exposure to this fund. So far as of today I feel it was the right move.

    • This fund will move inversely with interest rates. W/ T-bond yields going up and mortgage rates creeping up I would advise you to sell. I move my PTRAX into money markets and wait for the next market implosion.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • So you took your money out of PTRAX and put it in a money market acct? Oh boy oh boy! Now you have a money market getting no interest, where in PTRAX you get a dividend and it is being managed by the best people in the world. PTRAX hasn't had a down year in years now, look at the performance and then you jumped ship? I don't know your situation and your expectations, so I can't judge you fully. To me, you have to know what you are investing in and why you are investing in it in the first place. If you are trading in and out with PTRAX you are nuts, difficult to do as well and more expensive with penalizes. So why would you do it, unless you don't know what you are doing, which could be possible. PTRAX is a place you let your money sit, add to it consistently, get the dividends and you should do well in the long term. That the purpose of investing in PTRAX - simple. Does PTRAX behave like a stock, No. If you want to play around with your money, play in the stock market. If you want to be paranoid, unrealistic or are really old, put your money in the money market.

      • I've been taking some hits recently with this fund. There's been alot of rotation out of bonds. I'm waiting to grab the dividend on 31st then I'm going to bail. Unfortunately I already netted a loss for the year with this fund.

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