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  • indian8788 indian8788 Feb 16, 2010 5:24 PM Flag

    AXP is one of top holdings by Warren Buffett! Should We Buy?

    no he will not regret it next month as this stock price will remain neutral or be higher. It will not beheading back down. If you are so sure, then I do suggest you take your "wisdom" and short this sucker and make a nice mint, but people like you just say things and don't necessarily back it up.

    American Express is a great company. A lot of people who use their cards have money in the bank. Either way, the credit card industry has tightened credit and has taken precautions, learning from mistakes that they made before this mess happened. People who have a good history and great paying jobs can basically do what they want with the card whereas those who have a less than stellar history are pretty limited to the damage they can now do. Yes, their will be defaults but American Express will be able to just write those ff come tax time.

    But I wish you luck with your "short" position but I am sorry to say that I do not believe you will be making anything off it as you will be paying me and my "friends" here back to borrow those suckers. Ciao.

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