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  • mtaylor_nts mtaylor_nts Sep 12, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    shareholders out in the cold

    Is anybody out there aware of any shareholder suits against this company? I would love to join one. The remaining old SH's have really been screwed over by the insider takover.

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    • I also got the letter. What do you suppose is up? I'm not so sure it is good. There is room for some major unpleasantness. Has anyone tried to contact the company, or Mr. Schwarz, and ask for information?

    • Yes that is true. But one Thing, the shareholders that are left are now minority shareholders. SO?

      Well for one Thing, BLLI is now contacting minority shareholders to Register their Holdings. This means they will be notified of News................................................Hmmm...What News.............oldmanbadman rdncoic

      The SP just went up yesterday. Someone knows something is going on. It would have gone down and not up if it is bad News. Must be good News. :) :) :)

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      • Hmmm...ItCouldBe...oldmanbadman rdncoic

        It could mean that the Company is doing well and wants all other shareholders out. The way to do that is to offer 20 or 30% more than the last trading high of the last few months for a legal buyout of the last minority shareholders.

        So they get the last remaining shareholders out for a Price Per Share of 2,500 to 3500 US Dollars or more and then they can take the Company public again for big bucks. But it seems as always Insiders get greedy and are trying to pick up Shares again at 1600+ US Dollars to trade back in for the buy back offer which would give them a nice Little Profit.

        At any rate, something is going on and at the least, it gives the Company means of contacting shareholders for almost nothing. If they use a Service, it would cost big bucks and telephone calls cost almost nothing.

        But there is no good reason for the increased buys of BLLI at this time unless there is some Event that would reward buying BLLI at current Levels. oldmanbadman rdncoic

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