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  • upshegoes upshegoes Feb 11, 2011 3:26 PM Flag

    this one way market shows one thing

    When the market crashed in 2009 our friends in DC sat idle when just maybe they could have stopped it. Makes you wonder if they wanted the crash....never know.

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    • "Makes you wonder if they wanted the crash....never know. "
      Your source of wonderment makes the assumption they had a clue WTF was going on. And now their solution is letting the banks have free money to run the market and commodities. Surly that will fix things. The demand for workers is tepid at best. Where will the new good paying jobs come from? Ole Ben has inflated equities, commodities, but has not created jobs nor has he inflated the moribund real estate market.
      Where will it all end?
      The inexorable conclusion is,
      they don't have a F'n clue.......

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