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  • m2bq m2bq Nov 9, 2012 8:31 PM Flag

    standing by my IWM call of $68 before the Election on November 6.

    ib ib ib ib ibib ib I believe if I grade on a curve, you get an F.

    But if I grade on the Public School System in CA I have to factor in considerations that , you may be an illegal alien and not be fully conversant in English. But then most of the rest of the kids aren't either. Also I need to factor in the possible effect the grade I give you will adversely effect your self esteem. In California it is all about how a person feels, nothing to do with the facts. If you want a new car, ask yourself; Do I deserve a new car? If you feel you want and deserve a new car, buy it, forget the fact you are broke, unemployed and eating on the CA Fresh Plan ., CA Fresh is CA's food stamp program. Food stamps are a bad word in CA. Using the words can get you sued for impairing a freeloaders self esteem. So, using the CA system of grading I give you a C-. That stands for Minus All Credibility.

112.55-4.27(-3.66%)Jun 24 6:21 PMEDT