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  • pranavrec pranavrec Aug 18, 2010 11:22 PM Flag

    I too give up on ENTI

    I had heavy loss.. but believed that they will climb back.. bcoz howsoever crap their website is in terms of features working, to handle a huge traffic and integrating videos and other songs cannot be called Scam outright.

    But the Management is one of the worst I have ever seen... their motive is something else. They are liars, Thieves and what not. Both those brothers are worth rotting in the hell. They have sold their dignity, all their humanity and ruthless desire to earn money this way makes them criminal indirectly. Alas! its a different thing that they won't be legally responsible for all this! Else are worth rotting in hell forever.

    I still don't praise Swizz, JVKLA etc, because they were bashing since ages as if they knew everything from the beginning. It was just their luck that this ENTI Management turned crooks. I am saying so because these guys are bashing ENTI since it was 0.009 or something. If Diabase wanted to dilute so badly, he could have done that then itself, instead of diluting the hell out of it at .0003-0.0005.

    No, he didn't do so then because he didn't think ENTI will never come up and still thought of putting some ugly pieces together and make it work. But then when he realized things are not so easy as he would write on paper or make Sherry blabber on so call friday conference calls.

    I wish everyone to get blessed with intuition of such sick people with every investment they do.

    I lost a lot, but still am atleast glad I didn't keep holding the bag till today's 0.0003 and was out little before.

    Good luck to rest of the folks.

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    • hold avti for gain lowfloat ..contracts ..real product

    • Hey,I too sold ENTI and put the money into HFBG yesterday.HFBG is 0.0005 and got a big news yesterday which is not widely spread out yet.Your small money from this fraud could come back into magical big one. Check HFBG out,worth it.

    • You don't have to praise me, I don't look for praise. Indeed, I care nothing about what you may think of me.

      But I put a lot of *hard work* into doing DD on this company, and pointed out red flags as early as .005, and continued pointing out red flags ever since.

      I didn't get "lucky" about anything. I knew a scam when I saw one, and went to great lengths to explain how the PR's were scamming you.

      Through it all I was insulted, threatened, libeled, stalked, laughed at, impersonated, and ignored. But, for my own edification, I plowed forward, investigating traffic, going through PR's, deep-Googling, emailing record companies, asking questions, etc.

      I told you guys ENTI was a scam with my very first ENTI post, and I have provided reasons every step of the way.

      So don't say I "lucked out", you jerk.

      I obviously put a lot more due diligence into this company that *you* did. That's too bad for you.