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  • tradedollarnut tradedollarnut Oct 5, 2001 10:11 AM Flag

    coin grading

    Two further points:

    Bowers often states that he has run blind tests comparing PQ 63's and 64's to so-so 65's and experts in the field have chosen the lower graded coins as the 65's. This disproves your statement that the "scam" of upgrading their own PQ coins could not possibly work due to independent expert grading on the bourse.

    If PCGS management is so above reproach, why did they cross the Eliasberg 1913 nickel? I personally flew to Salt Lake City to bid on that coin but lowered my maximum bid when I examined the coin. There is absolutely no way that coin meets the minimum standard for the grade assigned. So I know for a fact that PCGS management will put substandard coins in their own holders.

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    • Tradedollarnut,
      I never did want a 1913 nickel. Now an MS 65 1794 dollar is another story.
      I have no doubt Bowers was able to find so called experts that could not tell the difference.
      You must be familar with the Fernadez scam. Phony holders with misgraded coins. Didn't work.
      I have not seen the 1913 nickel, so no opinion on the grade. I could see a cross just to get that kind of coin in a PCGS holder.
      Have you taken the grading test? I'm not going to name names, but many of the so called big shots did flunk the test. And even though Q. David Bowers is the most respected name in numismatics, I have no reason to think he is an accurate grader. Again I reinterate, there is no way overgrade coins would get by those that know. And for sure not expensive stuff.
      Terrible T

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      • I have to agree about the 1794 dollar, every time I see the picture of the Amon Carter coin I just drool!

        So you are saying that every expert on the bourse floor can instantaneously tell the difference between a PQ MS64 1895-O silver dollar and a so-so MS65? No way! Most experts don't even agree that it's possible to grade to an 11 point scale, let alone a 23 point scale. If a 64.5 was in a PCGS 65 holder, it would sell for close to full 65 money. That's tens of thousands of dollars more than the PQ64 coin.

        Additionally, most coins these days are sold not to other dealers but directly to customers via the internet and mailing lists. How many customers are professional graders and how many just rely on the holder?

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