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  • bmorepennstate bmorepennstate Nov 14, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    When will the pain stop???

    This stock is killing me. Thought it was a good buy at 13.50 and a great buy at 12.50.....but it appears as tho I am I the only person that thought so. any thoughts on when this bloodshed will end?

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    • This is a rigged stock market. Stocks don't trade on fundamentals nowadays. They'll take it as low as they can get it before they buy or other buyers step in ahead of them.

    • my pain stopped on Monday Nov. 12th when i sold at 11.20 - Made good money on this one a few years ago buying around $9 or less pr sh... will do it again once it finds a floor and gets legs again... if gold (GLD) starts moving up it would help CLCT.

      it's up to each of us to stop our own pain even if it's just selling half the position anticipating a rebound with the remainder.


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      • Pain stopped for me today. While I still don't think the company will go bankrupt anytime soon, the sidelines is the place for me to be for now.

      • The only thing you will find on the floor are a few pennies that the last couple of employees there were grading before the electric company shut off the lights for non-payment.

        You have a stock that has now lost almost 50% (that's 1/2 for you numnuts that don't understand percentages) in around eight months.

        You will see a major dividend cut very shortly if not a complete suspension of the dividend which will cut the stock price in half again to about $4/share.

        From there it's just a matter of cleaning out the cubicles and declaring bankruptcy.

        If you can't see how this one is shaping up you don't need to be in the market.

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    • It will end when the company goes bankrupt which will happen in 2013. I've been telling you that for month after month after month after month.

      Cut your losses, hold until the DOW hits 9000 and then (and only then) considering buying back in.

      If folks think it's bad now, just wait.

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