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  • utahstock12 utahstock12 Jan 23, 2014 7:16 PM Flag

    Class is in session on comments of Seeking Alpha Article.

    Nice work Dbtunr.
    The only thing I worry about at this price, short of macro econ problems, is that I'll be caught waiting for the short squeeze that long after this peaks in the short term simply because of how ridiculous that day was in 2011. The dump and buyback later was such a satisfying trade, I think I'm stuck on the idea it will happen exactly the same this time around. I guess there are worse dilemmas though, and I love the move into Asia.

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    • Well, yet another doubter article. Seeking Alpha is just a collection of amateur 'traders, investors, wannabe journalists' and so the information is often lacking in any kind of in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Its a reflection of the age we live in when just a few twitter comments by unknowns can move stock prices. One day it will be regulated.

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      • anyone can write an article on Seeking Alpha. all you have to do is register and submit it. It is grounds for baseless attacks and P&D articles which is why I try to keep them honest.

        This guys advice was the dividend is safe but you should wait to buy when the stock hits $12. Good luck with that. At least he wasn't trying to scare people and say the dividend was going to be cut.

    • yet another Seeking Alpha article today. This guy says the dividend is safe, he just doesn't like the current valuation. I suspect the shorts are sending out their guns trying to move the share price lower and are using SA. We may see a big upward move next week when the dividend gets announced.

    • btw- I'm not saying I won or lost the debate on SA, but I have a feeling the author has changed his opinion and if he knew what he knows know, would not have published his negative "they don't cover the dividend" thesis.

    • it won't be like last time. it will be 2X or 3X larger. There was only a small short position in 2011 and it was coupled with a small fund buy in. Now take 513,000 shorts and a 600,000 buy in from the Russell Indexes when they need to buy in sometime in June.

      In 18 months the company will be earning $1.50/sh (covering the dividend and then some). That gives a PE of 20, same as the current PE.

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