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  • oneshotcarson oneshotcarson Jan 21, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Change needed

    When Kindred purchased Rehabcare, that was a mistake. Do we need to take care of the the elderly? Yes, but my saying in the healthcare world is "Therapy will not cure Cancer". We have to reduce payments to therapy companies and putting that money to real life needs. Think about it, does a 90 y.o. patient really need 2.5 hours of therapy a day?

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    • If a patient legitimately needs therapy that is one thing, but if you are suggesting (and if you are correct) that an organization is bilking/milking the system illegally, then they need to have their corporate hands slapped, sued, shut-down, and even jailed.

      However, you or I must not say that a 90 year old is unworthy of 2.5 hours of therapy. How much therapy are you and I worth. At age 40 you merit 2.5 hours, but at 55 you can only get 2 hours and at 90 you are limited to just 20 minutes????
      The worth of a fellow human must never be "PRICE-TAGGED". When you reach 90, maybe we will just politely and painlessly put you to sleep so that you no longer burden we productive ones ..........

      Now, I also fully understand that therapy will not cure cancer, but the quality of life thing is a bit more difficult to quantify, is it not?

      for those companies cheating system, it is deplorable and to make money off the aged by over-prescribing and billing for excessive and unnecessary treatment is another. Just be careful of the slippery slope.

    • the goal for patients is to get them back to prior level of function, if that is possible. Determining if that is possible is the key...not always the case.

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