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  • imprvngmyavg imprvngmyavg May 5, 2014 12:47 PM Flag

    Moron to Moron

    I'm new here but have been spectating for a while and the discussion seems to be deteriorating into a name calling contest. where the favorite label is Moron. What is Ironic is that this is a micro penny stock that from the onset simply by the fact it is a micro penny stock makes this an investment with all the hope of a return of a lottery ticket and probably similar odds. The moment I put money into this I wrote it off. and parked it with the hope that I'll get lucky and someday check my account and get a pleasant shock. The company has all the hallmarks of a shell, no office, no phone, no website. NO News, No info, NO nothing. At best this is a gambling mans bet that might pay off with Luck. emphasis on the luck part. At worst we are all in good company bag holders till the end ;-) I bought a 100,000 shares for $358.So from one Moron to the next GLTA

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    • Rational realistic vision ... that I totally share ... I honestly went into the "name calling contest" since I am now nearly 60 and I don't stand idiots anymore in THIS life ... best luck to you gambling mate imprvngmyavg...

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      • I just turned 62 in April, myself and learned early on that intellectual stimulation or informed opinion is not to be found on yahoo financial message boards except by accident. Most boards only want participants to pump sunshine on their favorite investment. And if you have the temerity to intimate that their favorite investment might look better if it was shorted rather than held like an intimate lover. plan on getting flamed and described in words of one syllable or less. I try to stay away from the pejoratives because its hard enough keeping the conversation elevated without deliberately heading it south. I left the grade school BS behind long ago. GL2U&A

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