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  • fabulouspoodle fabulouspoodle Apr 11, 2000 8:59 PM Flag

    RE: Landis' software picks...

    You are right about BVEW, however Duke Landis did
    add to his BVEW position in February.

    LGTO is
    a software stock, moreover, LGTO was the Duke's
    favorite pick - everyone did not say it was there 2000

    I have been long tech value for two years, tech
    innovators for one year, and communication and e-commerce
    since inception. However, Landis has had problems in
    his software picks - particularly the ones he has
    recommended when interviewed. As I mentioned before these
    include LGTO, BVEW, PVSW and CCRD. They all have tanked.
    Obviously he has picked other software stocks that have
    done well - but he has touted each of the ones
    mentioned on the tube.

    I like Landis and am hopeful
    that CCRD (which seems ridiculously undervalued at
    these levels) will move north. But let's not be naive,
    Landis is not going to tell that he
    doesn't like CCRD (one of his larger holdings) long term.

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    • mrba_ceo_kim_polese_is_goddess mrba_ceo_kim_polese_is_goddess Apr 11, 2000 11:44 PM Flag

      I have to admit that Landis did make some
      mistakes this year.
      Landis own 39k shares of LGTO when
      he told LGTO was the stock of year
      2000. Then LGTO plunged from 60s to 20s. He bought 2m
      shares at high 20s and LGTO went from 20s to high 40s. I
      thought he was right on money. Ya know what happened to
      LGTO last week.
      In addition to LGTO, BVEW, Landis
      was wrong on SAGI, GNSS. Landis told CNBC and fortune
      that GNSS is going though the roof in 2000. GNSS then
      issued profit warning and went from 30 to 15.
      But, I
      still think Landis is the best tech fund manager out
      there. We just have to keep faith and be patient with

      I am interested in buying a large position on LGTO,
      what do you think?

      another firsthander, so is my mom, my cousin