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  • mann_of_steal mann_of_steal May 22, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

    Whats the deal with Steve Dykman

    Is there a looming financial scandal? Did he walk before they made him run? Is he sick? Dying? Moving on to a bigger and better job? Does anybody out there know anything?

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    • What's the deal with Steve Dykman ? Maybe the same deal that's with Connie Hamblin !! Now both are gone. I can't wait for the next investor conference call. SOMETHING IS UP FOLKS - and it can't be good. Both Steve and Connie are intelligent, qualified, and conscientious individuals. The atmosphere over in Zeeland is genuinely toxic these days. Dissenters are not tolerated. The fundamental qualification of ANY level reporting below Mr. Newton is the ability to say yes to anything without question. Very concerned for the community. I hope I'm wrong.

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      • Mum's the word! Knowing Dykman I can say I highly doubt he left voluntarily, more likely he refused to massage the numbers within those loose "Acceptable Accounting Practices" and Fred kicked him out. I was amused to see that Newton ponied out a political statement "When we do have officers leave the company at Gentex on a rare times that it occurs,...", what? Rare? Dykman, Fogg, Knapp, Deur, and now apparently Hamlin have all left or been allowed to pursue other interests (fired? Fogg & Deur) in the last 6 years, a rate of almost 1/year, hardly rare. Just look at how they announced this, 6:00pm on a Tuesday. Things are smelling bad at Gentex these days.

        Take your profits in the mid-20's.

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      • My guess is that you are right, dissenters are not allowed, only conformists. Too bad...

        With Connie out, who is in charge of Investor Relations? Piersma?

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