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  • bob.zeeland bob.zeeland Dec 29, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Poor Management

    Cash in while the stocks hot, reality will catch up eventually. Management is hiding something, why else would they hand out Christmas Pink Slips to more of the veterans that got them where they are today? Eventually Gentex will run out of 10+ Years of Service/Over 40 Year Old employees to cast off to make up for the poor decisions made by Bauer, Fogg, Newton, & Horner. Lets examine this game plan:
    We are too top heavy in talent: Management decided to continue hiring only well experienced employees even after they were warned of being too top heavy.
    We have to adjust for the market: Management are the ones who put all the eggs in the multiple-time delayed KTSA and OECs at the expense of new development.
    So either way you look at it the management in place today is directly to blame for what is happening and are creating a new problem for themselves by decimating the ranks of complentent employees. The only manager to pay for these mistakes has been Fogg, the others should go as well if you want a future with this stock.

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    • who.horton Mar 21, 2014 10:25 AM Flag

      I completely agree.
      Bauer continues his decline into complete senility.
      Newton, although a brilliant engineer, is limited by Bauer on what he can do.
      Horner, placed in charge of Quality by Fogg strictly to be his whipping boy, has no clue how to run a quality department. He has gotten better with time, but still needs to learn the quality role.
      Bauer still will not let the research and development guys come up with any new ideas. He is basically telling them that once Magna Donnelly develops something, they need to benchmark it and create their own version of it. Take the infinity mirror from Magna Donnelly for example. Gentex has the chrome ring outer mirror, but the Magna Donnelly inner mirror is much better than anything Gentex has created.
      Time to send Bauer to his home on Lake Michigan to retire.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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