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  • Canyon_Critter Canyon_Critter Mar 3, 1999 10:25 AM Flag

    Anybody got any insight...

    to what's going on with GNTX. It's a solid outfit, why the doldrums?

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    • GolfPro73, you hit the tee on the head.


    • react to downgrades. Modest sell off can be expected today or tomorrow.

      Will buy at 25.

    • It is tough to understand these so called
      "professionals" and the way they cover their over-paid butts with
      their upgrades/downgrades. Formulas....and politics do
      play alot in this terrific game, but solid and
      competent is just that. I have had some real dogs, but
      these cowboys are not amateurs at running a company. I
      sold and bought on the last split cycle and sold a
      week or so ago when gntx just "blipped" over
      31......very cool profit. I hope to jump in and ride another
      cycle like that for the 3rd time.
      Believe in peanut
      butter but not in pirates or analysts.

    • The downgrade doesn't seem to be affecting the
      stock price yet.

      Interesting note:

      If you
      look at the history of GNTX's upgrades and downgrades
      you'll see 2 downgrades this year from CIBC Oppenheimer.
      On Jan 5 they downgraded from "strong buy" to "hold"
      and today they downgrade from "buy" to "hold." Did
      they change it to 'buy' sometime after Jan 5 and not
      tell anyone?

      Also, between their Jan 5
      downgrade and now, the stock is up 20%.

      Back in '96
      I had an account with Cowen and Co. They
      recommended KLAC at 45 and had a buy on AMAT at 60. Then the
      bottom dropped out of the semis and the stocks went to
      18 and 25 respectively. I read my free reports every
      week and never saw anything on either company for a
      year. Then a report comes out that Cowen is "starting"
      the semis with buy recommendations. They had never
      cut the stocks to hold or sell and had never said
      they were discontinuing coverage. It was if they were
      pretending that there had been no previous

      In one of Peter Lynch's books, he mentions his
      favorite analyst report which stated: "Due to the recent
      bankruptcy we are removing this company from our recommended

      That about sums it up.


    • by CIBC Oppenheimer. That should take some wind
      out of the sails. Downgraded from buy to hold. It'll be
      interesting to see how GNTX reacts.

      Long and loving it


    • GNTX is acting very strange based on historic
      patterns. Makes
      you wonder if something's going on that
      we're not aware of, or maybe they're further along in
      the window development than they're letting on. I
      like this action, but it is befuddling!

      the faith


      OT: Go Wings!!!!!!!

    • Well, I did sell some of my stock this morning
      (about 25%). Stock is now trading at highest absolute
      valuation levels since early '94. It's still reasonable on
      a RELATIVE valuation basis. But, I have to believe
      that it will take a breather. Just hope I don't lose
      the other shares I sold calls against. I could always
      buy them back and will make money on them anywhere
      below $33. But the stock action is even starting to
      confuse ME!


    • I am also long and medium term bullish but feel
      the stock is about six months ahead of itself. I also
      will not sell for tax purposes and also sold June 30
      calls a while ago. If the stock moves up to 32+ I will
      probably sell more calls against my remaining position
      (either 30s or 35s). If the stock moves to 28- I will
      cover my calls and wait for the stock to move higher
      before selling calls again.

    • bullish long-term. I just think it's a little
      much to ask for more appreciation over the short and
      intermediate term. I wouldn't be surprised if the stock is
      still at $30 at year end. If you consider that they
      will likely earn $1.05-$1.10 in '00 and you want to
      put a 25 multiple on it, you get to $27-$28. A 30
      multiple (which would be slightly high) would produce a
      stock at $32-33.

      But I can't sell it since I
      don't see anything wrong fundamentally and there are
      some potentially big catalysts looking forward (EC
      windows, the GPS mirror). Also don't like to sell because
      of taxes and the compounding effect of having the
      tax-deferred investment grow. I did sell a few June 30 calls
      against my position and unless the stock runs bigtime,
      they will either expire worthless or I'll buy 'em back
      for 50 cents or a dollar.

    • If you want the latest research report on this
      stock take a click

      They have all the past reports too. I don't know about
      you but I always see something important that I
      didn't know about when I skim over the reports. It can
      be helpful in evaluating a stock and its

      Also, here is the link to an invaluable resource for

      You can access quotes for GNTX in real time without
      the 15 minute wait of other systems. Why should
      Brokers and big shots have a 15 minute advantage over

      This is a link you'll really be glad you had on days
      when your stocks are trading crazy.

      Take care.

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