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  • Fanofstan Fanofstan Nov 27, 2001 5:34 PM Flag

    lunch break mystery

    I am as frustrated as anyone with this stock. To make matters worse my health has sucked and with the middle east bullshit and the recession makes for quite the holiday cheer.

    We need some news and we need it consistently. This company has good products and their ability to remain profitable in these times is nothing short of remarkable. However we purchase this stock for a reason and that reason is appreciation. Earnings come out in mid December and they should be solid. However without forward guidance they won't make a bit of difference. The new ddr stack is a world beater but you will not see significant revenue for 6-9 months from that product.

    I have been dpac supporter for quite awhile and continue to believe in their technology. That being said however it is time to get news out and momentum and share volume on the upswing. 3-4 good press releases and a good quarter between now and December 31st shouild take us to the 3.50-4.00 range. That would make me feel better about committing a significant portion of my portfolio to dpac. When the market recovers the large and mid caps jump first but it is time for this stock to move. The management owes it to us the shareholders to aggressively market this company to the financial world. I believe Ted Bruce has the right stuff but like any investor my patience has a limit.

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    • My husband found this stock three years ago and I have followed on and off for some time.

      The posts from Fan are right on. He usually is early, but this guy is right on. Go read his last post over and over again.

      Also, look at the recommendations.....Fan should be on board of directors.

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      • and checked out some of the old messages. Mr fos knows this company and this industry. I am currently sitting on 15,000 shares of this stock (average price 2.03) and looking to add more.

        A year ago a guy at the Sports Club Irvine who I respect gave me 4 stocks that he thought were winners. The other 3 have moved significantly and it looks as if this one might be on the move.

        I love this technology and also own some srec ar 1.15. The volume has dried up there and I am slowly liquidating and taking my profits off the table. FOS, what is your take on memory pricing and how it affects dpac short and long term? Peace J

      • Snuppy, are you DogPacTech? I'll take your advice. Glad to see DPAC with a break out. Maybe the guys at STEC took their profits and came over to the DPAC growth boat?