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  • y2kevinm y2kevinm Jan 17, 2002 11:19 AM Flag

    Why are insiders selling ?


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    • As a Phildelphia area resident, I can tell you a little bit more about McNabb in that he apparently is a real gentleman and bright. No huge ego, and always seems to respect his opposition no matter how poorly they have performed in the respective year. I am not a huge sports fan having not really seen too many games this year. He has his own weekly TV / Radio show, and it is obvious, to even us fair weather fans, that much of his success is because of his confidence AND humility; this is always refreshing compared to the likes of the basketball player on the 76'ers Ivrasom, Avrosom? (now I KNOW it's obvious I am not a basketball sports fan).

      I am home today, very unusual for a Saturday, we are getting 4-8 inches of snow, so I will get to watch the game for once.

      I think the commentary here on the board has been pretty good recently.

      I would really like to set up a chat in the not too distant future on the private board. It might be nice, if we could be precise and do it in a brief time window.

      Good chatting here whicha,



    • I like the Eagles. I think Mcnabb is the next great qb. Could be a Montana with more running ability. He looked phenomenal va Tampa Bay. If you ever met Buss trust me peace would be the first thing on your mind. He is the nicest, most mellow charecter you will find. He is also the size of a Bus. (with about 3% body fat) During the day Sat and Sun there will be non stop football.

    • Go Eagles

      That should solve that.


    • My guess is he works only as hard as you and I do at our respective jobs, which probably does make him a workaholic.

      That's one of the reasons why I'm comfortable with him at the helm.

      As buss would say: Peace,

    • No apologies necessary, I didn't even look at who posted it. It just seems like everyone gets so wrapped up in the employee stock issue. A lot of folks just come in occasionally and look at that days posts and as worded it seemed to indicate that dpac's management wasn't holding shares and therefore wasn't motivated by increasing the stock price.

      T.B. works an average of about 60 hours a week and for his position his base is on the modest size. This is an investment dor us but it is his life. There is no one more interested in stock appreciation than the management at dpac. Stick, you have been one of the rational heads when these stock issues come up but I call them as I see them and that post as worded was confusing. Hope that clarifies it. Go Steelers!

    • Looks like we're showing a strong floor despite all the selling elsewhere. I hope that bodes well for an upward pop again.

      Higher highs and lower lows....

    • Sorry, I meant to provide this example link when I was justifying the "zero" wording.


    • ...for a poorly worded post. FOS I may be na�ve, but I am well aware of the options that are available and the share values listed in the SEC filings. That not what my post was meant to address.

      There are many investors who only click on that little Yahoo link that says "Insider" to evaluate how many shares are registered to an officer's name. If you look at most other company heads you will find that they have significant registered shares listed in addition to any options they may exercise.

      That is what I meant by zero shares held by DPAC management. I agree it should have been worded quite differently.

      And FOS you should know as well as any long here how I feel about DPAC's management of the company and their right to exercise their options.

      Have a good weekend,

    • The following is the message I am refering to:

      I understand and agree with both of your reasons why the Corp heads don't NEED to hold shares, but if you really believe in 150 Mil then there is no real risk, only a temporary tie-up of personal working capital.

      And the message sent by holding absolutely NO shares in the company they manage is never going to give outside investors a warm fuzzy feeling about the management's confidence.

      If nothing else they should maintain a minimum level just to show their faith.

      Be Happy,

    • Here is a thought or two,

      FIRST: This is a Southen California Company, housing and living costs in the LA area are very expensive. According to the profile page on yahoo,

      these "Insiders" make UNDER $200,000 annual salary. For a SoCal High Tech company executive, that's pretty damn lean. Maybe the sales were to cover some living or other expenses, whatever.

      SECOND: Now lets look at the value of the sales:

      Outside of Euroventures (a.k.a. EBTB - whom we all new were going to divest of some shares but decided to hold more than expected), two sales in Jan 01 for $14,219 and $16,800 and one proposed sale in December 01 for approximately $30,000. This totals 3 sales totalling $61,019 for the ENTIRE YEAR!

      This does not constitute concern in my book, why should it create concern at all!

      Enough of the insider selling panic, OK?!


      P.S. This current dip gives a great buying opp. don't you thing?

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      • ...I hope you weren't holding any of that Enron. That baby sank harder and faster than the Titanic! 83 to 0.25 in 10 months is quite an achievement.

        Now there's some Corp heads that have to be sweating the thought of lock-up time. And that's not to mention the deep doo-doo that Andersen's in.

        "Members of seven congressional committees investigating the Enron collapse took more than $700,000 in campaign donations from the company over the past dozen years."
        It's not gonna be easy for the government to remain impartial on this one!

        Stay Clean,

      • DPAC at 3.25 to 3.50 is the new support level. I would caution that 4.25 to 4.50 may be the sell level. Thus if you sell at 4.25 you may be able to get back into the shares at 3.50 Profit is always acceptable. Churning can be risky. Thus my advice is buy near the lower end of the range which is today. I believe DPAC will gain as the chip industry advances. Especially as the 3rd and 4th quaters 2002 occur. Rose

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