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  • Fanofstan Fanofstan Jan 26, 1999 5:36 PM Flag

    Big Order coming in

    Rumer is that a big order is coming in and its bigger than the prvious un-named order of $2.7 mil.

    Congrats Gordon

    Fan of Stan

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    • On a more serious note.Technically DPAC continues
      to act very well amid small cap selloff and techs
      I've heard from very smart investors that DPAC will
      earn between $0.15-$0.30 for 1999.Revenues are
      doubling and demand is increasing rapidly for their
      stacking technology.
      DPAC's internet "game" will begin
      in March and we need to check
      to see how it works and how well it helps
      this game is a success you'll see big demand for
      from various web sites and internet hype in the stock.

    • The market is closed today and I am having a
      chance to surf around a little. This site sounds
      identical to the Etrade web page a couple of months ago ,
      you should read it. All the persons leaving messages
      were fighting if the stock would ever get back above
      12.00. Since then it went to 150.00 a share and split.
      Myself I would have told anyone saying that the stock
      would ever get over 20 to 30 dollars was absolutely
      crazy. I am finding myself laughing outloud reading the
      past 10 to 20 messages. I am not that up on things and
      have also heard a lot of simalar rumors. Coes anyone
      live by the production facility and can confirm this
      ramping up ? They might be true, but in my experience if
      I have heard about somthing everyone else has
      already acted on it. Lets do some constructive
      investigateing. Can anyone confirm through subcontractors friends
      relatives that can absolutely confirm, they are adding
      another shift, the procurement of certain items has gone
      sky high, or anything substantial. I just want to
      know that when I buy , I am not acting on a
      manipulated rumor designed to sound good. T be a good
      investor eliminate luck, chance, and emotional reactions.
      Lets hear some chatter on at least pretty close to
      fact reasons why DPAC is suppose to rocket to the
      moon. P.S. Im not trying to get down on anybody just
      would like a little more factual based information on
      this company. Any employees out there of DPAC, I would
      love to hear from you. Sorry about my spelling this
      was written on the run and not reread thanks.

    • Very little volume on DPAC.Where are the blocks?At least the stock held well during the declines in the market.

    • I hope we're not having to wait until after Pres day

      Torm. I Hope

    • what's your short term target?

    • Look it comes down to this. I've put my neck out
      there because I know of a group of major investors who
      love this little company. They have been acquiring the
      stock for a long time, their not interested in making
      .25 cents their in it for the long haul, that's why
      the stock has not seen the usual sell off now that
      its tripled from its low of $0 .75

      The news
      will be the fuse, watch it explode.

    • Could you be more specific?What hitters?Institutions,mutual funds?
      Please respond.

    • Looking at DPAC in the midst of all the choas and
      panic I'm impressed that our stock is holding like a
      No major intraday dips.

      It has popped up to
      2.75 on two occasions in the last week, this tells me
      it's about to move up torm or Fri.

      I think your
      going to see block trading. Major hitters are involved
      in acquiring this puppy and they were surprized it
      did not sell off, look for increase of volume
      followed by news.

      Thumbs up

    • DPAC has one of the best charts around.The
      company is a great turnaround situation.From losing money
      under a useless CEO(Uri)
      to making about 20-30c for
      1999 and increasing revenues by at least 100%.Good
      news are coming soon as well as positive 4Q
      $4-$5 target by end of April and $8-$10 by the end of

    • That was quite a witty, well thought cerebral
      response. Did it take the entire five days to fine tune
      that piece of literary genius. Your profanity laced
      responses confirm labeling you as a juvenile. If you catch
      a dip to $2.25 you can increase your equity to 30
      shares by buying back in, The Gorden Gecko Character in
      wall street was based loosely on your high stakes
      financial world. How the mighty have fallen!

      The big
      announcement hasn't posted yet, but I hear a couple of smaller
      yet substantial news items are immanent.

      Of Stan

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