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  • muslhog muslhog Sep 22, 1999 8:32 PM Flag

    Swimming up hill!!!

    I think we're fortunate to have had such a great
    run with the market basically in tank position. My
    feelings that a small sell off tomorrow won't hurt us for
    the long run. If we can stay between 4.5 and 5 until
    the 31st, we'll be ahead of the game. I'm still
    predicting another PR by Thursday. You need to understand
    the Mutual Funds are not in as of yet. By the 31st
    they will have dumped the list of their current
    leaders, which are not having the kind of days DPAC is
    having. After the 31st, they will pick new leaders. One
    of those leaders will be DPAC. The company should be
    making their approach toward the institutions in a
    couple weeks when their new line of operations is fully
    developed. At this point we should see heavy buying from the
    institutions that will cap off their Mutual Fund market. This
    is when DPAC will stage up for an intense market
    rally. I don't see much until then. I'm not trying to
    burst anybodys bubble. I think we need to be patient
    and let the market determine when we slide into home
    plate with an infield HOMERUN. It will happen, but we
    need to understand that there will be some selling
    early in the morning and it should be expected. The
    last thing we want is a rocket ship that must come
    back to earth.

    I'm very strong DPAC and willing
    to ride this the STEADY way. Good luck to all DPAC's
    longs, you won't need it! lol

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