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Dense-Pac Microsystems (DPAC) Message Board

  • muslhog muslhog Sep 24, 1999 1:41 PM Flag

    Oh well

    Shoot, that didn't last long.

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    • don't worry about momentary spikes and retreats
      based on announcements. Earnings ultimately will drive
      this puppy. Keep in mind Ted's goal is 40%/year. They
      seem to be off too a good start in meeting or
      exceeding that objective.

    • Would like to know your take on the company! A SEMI company traded at heavy volume & brokeout in a weak market!!

    • <EOM>

    • You comment about stacking and trading knowledge
      having no relevance to press release dates is correct.
      How about the comment "I think I might have said to
      much already" in muslhogs last post. This is obviously
      someone with no life trying to create a little self
      esteem for himself by passing along release dates. I
      think someone better let Ted Bruce or Bill Stowell know
      that one of the members of the night janitorial crew
      is reading the press releases on their desks and
      posting the release dates on yahoo. Lets stick to the
      company, its technology and its ability to generate
      revenue. The news will come out at the appropriate time.

    • no offense meant when said you might be
      associated with pr firm, Just dont know how knowledge of
      stacking and trading lets you predict release dates, but
      then, who knows, maybe you are a swami. Agree with your
      over all assessment, DPAC is headed higher. I will
      reiterate, look for next revenues to shatter expectations.
      Dont know if market traders can push this under 4
      between now and then, but I kind of doubt it. GO DPAC

    • DPAC is NOW offically an innovation company as
      well as a stacker. God I love this company. I've read
      this evening that some of you feel I have inside ties
      to public relations. I find that odd that was
      written. If that person had a clue, he would retract that
      comment. I do however have extensive knowledge
      of....stacking.........trading! I thought I would try this chat board thing and
      see where it led. I did find a few of you quite
      pleasant and a few very abysmal. I tried to add insight to
      those that needed it. If I'm not welcome on this thread
      I have no problem moving on. I'll check back in
      Monday morning and see how things are.

      The word
      Muslhog comes from the license plate of my Harley. I
      certainly don't resemble one of a muslhog, I think.

      I guess I'll go sip Brandy with my Wallstreet

    • First things first. Nobody has the technology to
      stack Rambus (yet). When DPAC patents the technology,
      and I said WHEN, what does that do to the
      competition? Secondly, does anybody know how many mirrors it
      will take to accomplish this? And last but not least,
      what will it take to convert this stacking of mirrors
      to produce electricity? When you can answer this
      trick, you've won the lottery. I think DPAC can solve
      this rapidly. I think I've said too much. I'm off line
      for a couple of days to swim with the kids. Try to be
      nice while I'm away. There's more to come!! Have a
      great weekend folks!!


    • I'm not that stupid but last time RMBS had this
      news DPAC did get a little pop to the upside.If DPAC
      can stack Rambus tech this will lock in the future of
      DPAC but until then it's nice to know companies might
      look at DPAC as an alternative.

    • DPAC will never replace RAMBUS. DPAC stacks
      chips. RAMBUS technology is used to make chips.

      The first question should be "will RAMBUS be
      sucessful and garner significant market share in the high
      end/density market" that DPAC caters to. If RAMBUS is
      sucessful, and thats real questionable, then the question
      should be "can DPAC stack RAMBUS chips".

    • That must be some good stuff!...LOL *Just

      Although it is highly unlikely that DPAC replaces RMBS,
      but I still hope you are right, better yet I can
      summarize it in 6 words: "From Your Mouth To God's

      Good luck to all :-)

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