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  • lv5559115 lv5559115 Oct 20, 1999 4:17 PM Flag

    Hey Genius

    I will still be here! Im in under a buck. If it
    drops under 4, Im still up 200+%. It just sucks for you
    that you shorted at $2.50 and are now down 100%. It
    must really suck to be you. Youre going to be single
    and looking for a long time now that you have just
    lost your $20 life savings and your broker has just
    put a margin call on your mobile home. Homeless and
    single... HMMM the chicks will be flocking now!

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    • First, let me explain, I have a self imposed fire
      wall at work. I have the ability to read but not
      respond. I had it both ways{sounds kinky}, until recently,
      decided wasn't good. Why the explanation? I had a hell of
      a time reading all you great folks today. I think
      next move has started. If I may take some time, I made
      some notes to respond to when I got home.
      please keep the technical info coming. I'm a
      fundamentalist but I sure keep an eye on technical
      M'Hog' you've been quiet lately but I think you smell
      Value Seaker, How dare he call you a pom pom waiving
      cheerleader. No, I haven't seen them but I hear your legs
      wouldn't make it in a short skirt
      Lee Roy Jordan,
      welcome, you were always my favorite linebacker,get a
      piece of the action

      Now let me add a few
      Someone,you M'hog? commented about the preponderance of buy
      orders today, I'd bet big bucks that 85- 90% of volume
      was on the buy side today. I checked after close, we
      1.. 10'000 share buyer
      7.. 5'000 share
      1.. 7900 share seller

      I had a visitor in my
      office today, represents major investment co. his co. is
      saying we will see an eruption of mkt and volume when
      investors percieve we will survive y2k. eruption might be
      before or after 12/31. AND SAID ERUPTION WILL BE LEAD BY
      TECHNOLOGY STOCKS. Second time I have heard this opinion in
      last week by respected Wall St. guys.

      me if i've gotten long winded, i hope info was
      pertinent, we all have a lot at stake

      Again, we had a
      great day
      P.S. Thanks Stick

      • 1 Reply to adobedan
      • Abobedan, you are one of the reasons I post on
        this thread!! I learned a long time ago that you can't
        chase the stock that's on the rise. It took me a while
        and cost me plenty of money, but finally I developed
        a pretty safe and conservative way to invest with
        what I believe to be risk free. About one yearand a
        half ago I ran across DPAC, and believe me when I say
        it was a great company then. The problem DPAC was
        having was basic fundamentals and growing pains, nothing
        more. They were spending money and setting up for the
        future. Of course their financial reports looked dismal,
        but they had a plan. I couldn't take the risk to
        invest then even though I watched this company increase
        their revenue from month to month at an astounding
        rate. (I'm trying to make this a short as possible) as
        I could write a book about it. The key word behind
        DPAC is "innovation". This company hired a gentleman
        with the foresight to take a stacking company and add
        the innovation end to it that NO company has
        sucessfully acomplished.

        It's only a matter of time
        until DPAC surpasses its own expectation and the stock
        price leaps to affluent levels. We are fortunate to
        have learned of such a company and partake in what
        should be the "pick of the year". Good luck to all

        Didn't I say a "couple" a couple of days
        ago? LOLOL
        Lets rock and roll!!!

    • Went long on this stock against 7 support area
      but sinking like a rock. Took loss in low 6's and
      glad of it. Company hurt by Taiwan earthquake and will
      be a while recovering. Good stock but TA suggests
      further pullback to mid 3's. Look at WDC for flyer --down
      from 55 in 2 years. In at 3 1/2. Dont think co is
      going under. Meanwhile DPAC dominates my portfolio.
      Once again, third quarter results will astound, with
      or without news. Trusting muslswami for blockbuster
      news. Drumbeats of a big deal are reaching this part of
      the jungle too---GO DPAC