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  • ilovemytwocats ilovemytwocats Jul 27, 2000 2:24 PM Flag


    Hey there! I am not surprised with the latest
    developments here. I cannot predict a euphoric spike to 17,
    over a two week period, but do have a decent overall
    thought process. Most folks here want it all at once,
    does not work that way with a quality company. This
    stock went from 5 to 17 in two months? On what basis
    should it go to 20+, as some misinformed posters seem to
    think. IMO, management guided Weisel down a bit to be
    safe. Furthermore, I am not so sure this quarter is
    running quite as smooth as last. I sort of think all is
    well, but not well enough to support an overinflated
    stock price. Someone mentioned that I would like the
    stock to trade forever at 12. What a foolish comment!!!
    I have always and will continue using good common
    sense and a realistic approach. IMO, DPAC will trade in
    the 20' year. Just think, over a 100% profit
    within a year...Not enough for some evidentally!

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    • That was my take on Weisel as well and gathered
      that from your post. It is funny (unusual) the way the
      NASDAQ is playing out at this time.
      If it weren't
      for the election year I think momentum may have
      carried DPAC to 20 (last year it certainly would

      I am curious to know why you think things are not
      running so smoothly, material shortages

      Long and remaining
      LL&P Up2kdnh

    • on the same page when it comes to dpac. I have
      been in dpac since 1996 and have made an absolute
      killing. I have always kept my core holdings and had a
      nice chunk of trading stock. Like you I kept advising
      caution and thought that a trading range of 11-13 was
      I also think we will see the mid twenties in
      the next 6-9 months. I think this flushing out of
      short term traders will make the stock trade more
      evenly. I hear you are a Jersey native I am originally
      from Pittsburgh. I think we should chat about some
      other stocks we might be able to share some insight on.
      I also think Weisel has done an admirable job. I
      have to laugh at some of these "stock experts" that
      buy a stock after a 140% run up. Then it corrects and
      all of a sudden their are conspiracy theories nad
      calls for an investigation. A stock trading at 7 with a
      price target of 16 is a strong buy. A stock trading at
      16 with an 18 dollar target is a buy if that. Pure
      and simple. Anyone looking to get rich quick is on
      the wrong board. 100% a year works for me.