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  • aipaul_1999 aipaul_1999 Jul 29, 2000 3:55 AM Flag

    IMO to any who will listen

    I wont pretend to know everything and I know some
    of you dont appreciate my posts at all so this will
    be my final one.

    I was hurt just as bad as
    most you longs in this decline. I was just like most
    of you, optimistic when I first bought in a day
    before the downgrade. I sensed something was wrong when
    the day before the price went down on unexpectedly
    high volume. In hindsight, I believe this was largely
    insider trades, people who knew about the downgrade. You
    longs that convinced people a day after the downgrade
    that it was a good time to buy should be ashamed of
    yourselves. How many listened at bought at 13?

    Now we
    get hit with a double whammy, this downturn. At times
    I may have sounded like I was happy it happened,
    but believe me Im not. It was the worst I could

    Ok now this is what I think must happen before
    DPAC and others recover. At any given price there will
    be a few sellers all the way down to a certain price
    level. As long as there are sellers the price will keep
    dropping on low volume, but very slowly. The price must
    drop to a low enough point where there will be no
    sellers. After that any buys no matter how small will make
    the price go up. This in turn will attract more

    Ok so thats it. No more posts....

    you ungrateful bastards.

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    • Thanks for the graduate course in supply and
      demand. Is anybody thinking this damn POS can have a
      worse week than the one we just endured. This freefall
      was the worst disaster I have encountered in a
      long,long time. $17 to $9 in 1 week w/some shithead a-hole
      analyst coming out rec buy and upping target. Where did
      DPAC mgmt find these CLOWNS ? You would hope these
      guys have their sights set on better quality research
      coverage than from this shitbag firm. WHAT A FUKKIN JOKE
      !! This thing is margin call city boys. Good Luck

    • LOL,look who's talking!