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  • abter1 abter1 Dec 15, 2000 1:25 PM Flag

    CC missed the Beadle sale info

    Ted and friends must have hung up on the CC on
    Tuesday wih a sigh of relief. The SEC 424B (insider sale)
    was filed on Monday, but there was not a single
    question or comment on Tuesday. There was a related SEC
    notice filed even S-3 filing 11/28 clearly
    showed what was going to happen with the sale. Nobody
    challenged Ted's statement about "buy back demonstrating
    Board confidence".

    I certainly missed the news
    until today, and that is my fault. The info was
    publically released. I would have hoped that Gomberg
    (covering analyst at Weisel) would have seen it though. Did
    a) miss it ... inspiring no confidence with me,
    b) think it was immaterial
    c) think it was better
    off unsaid for some reason??

    My lesson for the
    day is to add the raw SEC filings to my routine
    checking for DPAC. You never know what you will find.

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    • here is the website I use for SEC filings, you might find this helpful.

      • 1 Reply to buddha216
      • Beadle didn't sell his shares , He registered for
        the oppurtunity to sell them. He has a long window in
        which to exercise them or can change his mind and do
        nothing at all. This is a very shrewd man who didn't get
        to the point of buying and selling companies without
        financial acumen. Maybe he is anticipating some significant
        price movement in the next 6 months and wants to be in
        a position of taking in some cash. Don't over
        analyze ever move. The company is still profitable
        ,(without any of the new technology hitting the bottom
        line) and I believe this market will stabilize soon.
        Keep the faith. These are difficult times to be in the
        market but patience will be rewarded.