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  • abter1 abter1 Apr 10, 2001 5:12 PM Flag

    FanofStan's probably got tomorrow right

    As much as I would like to believe today's runup signified anything real for DPAC, I think it was just a lucky combo of
    a) a VERY good day in the tech market, especially chips, and
    b) anticipation of tomorrow's earnings announcement.

    I doubt if there will be a simple, good news story tomorrow. I don't think the market will wait to shift through the details as FanofStan suggests, finding the pony in that barn somewhere. With no official coverage of DPAC anymore, one could argue that there isn't really any 'street expectation' anymore. No whisper number, either. But I suspect the last published Weisel estimate (0.04/share, I think) will serve as the street's expectations. If they don't meet that (and they will be mighty lucky to do so), the market will be disappointed, and beat it down.

    Could be a case of "buy on rumor, sell on news".

    On the other hand, IF the news is good, AND if the market has another good chip day, DPAC could bounce up. I just don't think that is likely.

    Waitfully watching...

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    • If they don't me earnings of .04 (per T. Weisel), I doubt the market will "beat it down". It's trading at 10 times last years earnings already. It's not going much lower. OT...Thomas Weisel coverage, in my opinion, was nothing short of fraud.

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      • They were a joke. I think they they rode it up and down. I am looking for a much smoother rise with less volatility this time around. People who buy at these prices and have patience will be rewarded. Amkors press release about the massive potential of stacking only underscores the potential of this market. Hope to see some legitimate coverage later this year. Good things are taking place.