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Dense-Pac Microsystems (DPAC) Message Board

  • redwoodcity2000 redwoodcity2000 Apr 12, 2001 8:24 PM Flag

    Buy DPAC, It can only go higher

    1. It had a good yr, consider the overall mkt
    consider chips all over had bad time.

    2. And, like one poster here said, they had a loss and the mkt just took the bad news in stride.

    3. I bot at $8 or $9, sold at $12 or $13 way back when, and bot back in at $7 (impatient, dumb me) and bot again at $4.

    4. My opinion only, but I believe this is probably one of the best growth companies we can buy at this time. It will go up, my opinion only, tho.


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    • You are correct in that it has bottomed. The semis are show that they have reached the bottom. When I get excited over this stock it is out of the ordinary for me. It is the only small cap I own. I have amat, nvls,lltc, mxim, and vtss. I have owned some of them through 4 splits. Dpac is going to mushroom. Three years from now you will not recognize this company. You could be looking at a spin off or two. The technology is there. You may have seen the end of the legal expense. We are about to see major happenings.