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  • shortstocksnow shortstocksnow Jun 20, 2001 6:28 PM Flag

    Having a bad day Fanofstan ???

    it appears that you are showing your true colors as a bigot and pathetic loser. I'd think a gay man like yourself would be a bit more sensitive with different races. What happened, some gay, middle-eastern lover jilt you or something.
    Personally I think you are FOS alright - full of sh*t.
    I'll be happy to forward your racist post over to the people at Simple to let them assess your false claims. Stick to dropping the soap and scrubbing toilets, you and your partner adobe have not credibility left.

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    • Bigot, No, I do call them as I see them however. I am 50% arabic myself. It is behavior not race or gender that gives rise to labeling people. As anyone around me knows my friends and romantic endeavors are non discriminatory.
      Why the constant gay references in every one of your posts. So predictable. That humor must have been a hit when you were in 5th grade. The only problem is that when you were in 5th grade you had the sense of humor of a normal 3 year old mind. We eagerly await your next dim-witted gay reference.

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      • would have loved to have made ANY $$$$$ in the last few months. When biz is great you spend a bunch, when biz is tight you watch the bucks. The negative posters can bark all they want, it doesn't change the fact that the company is on course, new products, new emphasis and even coming through the TOUGHEST, repeat THE SINGLE TOUGHEST period that Technology has experienced in history, and coming thru with guns blazing. I'll leave it to others to disect the last 3 months, I prefer to hang my hat on the thoughts that as the qtr was drawing to a close biz appeared to be firming and that trend continued in q2. I give management pretty darn good marks for coming thru this tough period in pretty good shape. THANKS TED AND CREW