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  • Fanofstan Fanofstan Jul 6, 2001 11:06 AM Flag

    Do the math--and you will

    An "exhuberant" amount of options. It should be trouble behind, mainly 4th and 5th grade during spelling and grammer. Actually maybe this numbskull is still in 4th grade. If thats the case I apologize, it is wonderful to see our youth get involved in the stock market.
    One good thing our obviously "troubled" young friend has done is brought out some new posters with a grasp of investing and high tech companies. Always nice to see rational people from either side of the fence express opinions.

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    • I appreciate the posts knocking my spelling. Sorry-I don't take the time to correct my typing.

      But, I can only hope you spend as much time doing a proforma to understand the impact of another 2,000,000 options.

      Add the already existing 1.1M the company has--and our stock gets diluted by over 14%. Do the math--14% dilution!!

      And for all the wrong reasons.

      If the company had no options left---or a minimal amount--I could undertsand the request for 500,000 more. That would be consistant with how most companies would proceed.

      But considering they have over 1.1M, and now want to add another 2M--well--you watch what happens to DPAC.

      Now, not only do they have to grow their earnings to get respect--but they have to grow them even more to overcome the dilution just to get EPS growth. All this in a bad economic enviroment.

      But you know better Mr. Fan.