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  • goofysite941 goofysite941 Aug 2, 2002 1:11 PM Flag

    OT - Price Charts & Stuff

    Hello Mr Denoving and others. I'm taking a break from tax data.
    It is looking like the price patterns of indices and perhaps many issues, are going to paint-out a "W" pattern, this time.
    The right leg of the W could be lower than the left leg, could be even with it, or could stop above it. Make a wheel with these 3 things on it, and wherever it stops, is anyone's guess.
    Things are looking UP here. Just got notice that a mortgage in HI will be paid at end of Aug. Also, found a lease-option buyer for a rental property here in FL. Happy days are here again.
    Regards, Goofy

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    • So you see the current plunge today as part of the test of the lows from last week, and not the beginning of a new leg lower?

      That would be rational based on the fundamentals, but the markets haven't been very rational lately.

      TBD. I hope you are right, and it makes sense that your models would be given the fundamentals, and the likelihood that q4 will have reasonably good gdp numbers IMHO.

      Maybe all of this talk about rate cuts will further fuel the likelihood that this is just part of a test of earlier lows, with a successful outcome and markets headed higher for a while. The markets are definitely OVERSOLD.

      Congrats on your mortgages and leaseoption buyers. Glad someone's doing well in this rotten market.


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      • Maybe it would benefit you to switch to some stocks that have good infrastructure in defense.
        COL seems like a good buy these days and with their soon to be announced restructuring they are positioned well in the aviation market in spite of some other companies who are suffering.

      • Hello Mr Denoving and others.
        Just after I let my last message fly, my online mkt guru gave me an updated message.
        He says: look for a drop, from Aug 6th thru 8th. Expects a rally, w/ a top from Aug 19th thru 22nd. DJI top to look for would be 9200+ to 9400. We shall see.
        Regards, Goofy
        ps: real estate is such a slow mover, that one often falls asleep while waiting for the checks to arrive. But the mortgage and other bills come like greased lightning. But the equity multipliers make up for these defects.

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