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  • chiquitbumbalabimbomba chiquitbumbalabimbomba Mar 26, 2003 2:22 PM Flag

    AWF at open?

    If u wanted to jack up the NAV, increasing dividends is not the way to do it since now 9 cents of NAV out the door every month instead of 8..

    AWF is in kind of an enviable position, they had huge capital gains in Brazilian bonds, now they have to decide whether to realize it by selling them (and possibly repurchasing cheaper later) or just holding onto them and collecting the coupons and hope bonds will remain steady or even go higher..

    Or they could take half the gains now, move the stop back to break even, so to speak, on the rest of the bonds, and give away some potential income and appreciation while locking in some of the gains

    Kind of like the dillema for those that bought AWF cheap last week..

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