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  • a_sticky_wicket a_sticky_wicket Nov 15, 2004 2:21 PM Flag

    Mo is right on bonds

    You can bet cefs around all you wish...the
    underlying bond market is eerily stable.

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    • Williamv--Very true. I do love the game, i do love the adventure, and I do love the romance.-----------As long as I don't have my head handed to me. It has happeneds before and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow becomes very real.-----------Thanks, MO

    • >>I also run 5 other accounts for family and friends. Their ports. are essentially fixed and I seldom trade in these accounts. My observation for sometime is that they are doing as good as me or better.<<

      ... but not near as much fun, right ... (S) ... ?

    • i can't see what?

      dude, i was the one that called the correct market entry time which was mid october.

      you tried to hustle everyone in when the market was 500 points higher in september.

      you also said to be in CASH in january 2003.

      there are so many more bad market calls from you it's pathetic.

      don't go there daytrader.


      p.s. i luv you dude

    • Co--You never can see the moving parts. The top of the market coulf come after a week or so correction. Early December could be a high and trailing off into Jan 2005. Co you must swing trade now and position yourself as I have been doing. Wasn't the inflation report as I have said.

      Co, you just can't follow the bouncing ball you silly boy.---------MO-
      -You missed the big currency move and Mo didn't-------Haven't you ever stopped to ask how MO knows this before everyone else and your lost in the woods. You need to study the disciplne more so you can look out the window and "see" what is happening. One more thing you do not listen to the market whispering in your ear. One must be in harmony to with the universe to have this "gift".-----------------------------MO Again

    • you are calling for another big market correction?


      okay, so DOW 10500, where it was last friday when you sold out, is the top of the market this year?

      is that what you are saying?

      because otherwise, you are telling everybody it's a good idea to daytrade and pay exorbitant and unneccessary taxes and commissions like you do for pennies.

      on the otherhand, if the DOW and Nasdaq have a few hundred points in them during the annual santa claus rally, you are giving bad advice similar to the all the other pathetic market timing calls you've made for the past 3 years.

      here's my take... if there's a dip today, buy the hell out of it....don't sell into it like you are trying to frighten people to do with your almost universally incorrect market calls.


    • Thanks, MO--best of luck to you.

    • Dick--EF is getting fully valued. I am waiting on the cap. gains announcement. IAF is much the same.----I have cut my exposure since Friday to bare bones in stocks such as these that have made good runs. I said in my past few posts I am waitng for a short term correction in the market to scalp sone coins.

      This market has risen too rapidly. That's why I sold last Friday for it was pushed good and seemed it was getting tired. I will trade till year end. I will take no prisoners, I will search and destroy for next years MO has just about positioned his port.----------------------------------Dick--don't hold quantitis of any one thing, skim you profits, and prepare for 2005.------------MO

    • Funny you should say that, I was thinking of just getting some etfs/cefs together from around the world and just letting them run on auto-pilot in the background, I know you like EF & IAF, but they've run up quite a bit, would you still be recommending them here?

    • eesting--I also run 5 other accounts for family and friends. Their ports. are essentially fixed and I seldom trade in these accounts. My observation for sometime is that they are doing as good as me or better. -----------------------MO

    • eesting--This is the last date I expect will be in individual common stocks(could be a very few exceptions), and the last day I will own equity CEFs. Now this is an arbitrary date for nothing is fixed in stone, but I will not sit at this computer like I have done for 5 years.

      This gives be an exit for I believe the next two years could not be cost effective and not a time to stuggle for slim gains. The gain will not be woth the pain.-------MO

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