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  • churchboo churchboo Aug 17, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    I emailed OXBT to tell them basically everything

    ....that is in my posts. They did not email me back. Then I called saying the same thing to a secretary at 8;50 AM and was told..."it is not even 9:00 yet, nobody is here."

    I go to work at 7:30 AM, get off 6:00'ish

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    • Then I got an email saying she heard I called. asking me if I had any email two days late from my first email.

      People, WTF is that? A slow, only if you squeak loud ,email?
      Are these people so bust they cannot respond? Doubtful...unless it is lunch getting in the way.

      I have built several things....are they bilding this company or waiting for the government to build it for them?

      This company needs to get busy. Like I said...I had 80,000 shares, pre=reverse split, and now have next to nothing because there seems to be a dead company running this product into the ground.

      Somebody respond..or is this so dead even the company is paralyzed?