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  • michelle_michelle34 michelle_michelle34 Dec 21, 2013 1:45 AM Flag

    Wchurch1: Write to OXBT and ask them to summarize in a PRESS RELEASE the European on-line manuscript you mentioned

    This manuscript just appeared in the latest issue. Notify OXBT to do a PRESS RELEASE as soon as possible. This should make the stock jump 1.5 dollars again.

    wchurch1 • 4 hours ago
    The best source which compares all major levosimindan studies to date can be found on this pdf. It's published in "Heart, Lung and Vessels" 2013. Titled "Levosimendan: current data, clinical use and future development". I would give you a link but this Yahoo site won't seem to let me do that.
    I don't know why other players have not gone after this. One reason might be because levosimendan would replace many of the drugs the other players already have on the market. It is also possible that OXBT may have a plan for levosimendan beyond what we see or think we see. That could include the use of levosimendan in conjunction with another OXBT product to create an a completely new product. But if you think all this is going on just to provide a few executives with salaries then I suggest you heavily short this stock until it's zero. I'll go the other way and we'll see how it turns out

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    • wchurch1 Dec 21, 2013 3:12 AM Flag

      You laugh about combining levosimendan with something like Oxycyte? Well levosimendan or doutamine , drugs which are currently used all serve the same purpose, to deliver more blood to the heart. This in turn means more oxygen to oxygen starved tissue caused by poor circulation. If the goal is to get more oxygen to heart tissue then what would be better than a high volume oxygen carrier like Oxycyte? Levosimendan would increase the volume of blood circulation while at the same time Oxycyte increases the oxygen content of the circulating blood. I'm the same thought has occurred to those in charge at OXBT.

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      • Look, Abbott Labs took from 1999 when they first licensed Levosimendan from the Finish company, Orion Pharma, and then gave the US rights back in 2007 without making a penny and spending tens of millions in the interim to do all types of clinical studies before abandoning the drug. Since 2007, Orion Pharma's business development staff has been trying to get any takers to deal with the FDA to do Trial 3 studies. No one took the bait. Notice that Orion Pharma is not putting any money up on their own for this last Trial.

        Then, John Kelley, formerly President and the Chief Operating Offer of The Medicines Company was forced out of that company in 2009. He was out of work 2 years and formed Phyxius Pharma with the two other guys from The Medicines company who also appeared to be out of work for 1.5 years according to their LINKEDIN profiles. So, you have 3 guys in their mid 50's - 60's that clearly others will no longer hire so they started their 3 person company in November 2011 in NJ and called it Phyxius Pharma. And, this was the company to license Levosimendan from Orion Pharma. This is one HAIL MARY toss. Of all the possible companies in the US that Orion Pharma tried to pitch and they get 3 unemployed guys who started their own company to give it a heave ho! You just cannot make this story up.

      • I am not laughing at anything. I am suggesting you write to the executives to have them publish a Press Release about this manuscript that was first published in mid-November as the general US public does not know it exists.

        You should also use your valuable time to write an article and get SEEKING ALPHA to publish it. They almost except anything. It is an Israeli company. If you have a hard time with them, let me know as I know one of the editors their who graduated from NYU and relocated to Israel.