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  • forgitaboudit1995 forgitaboudit1995 Apr 8, 2014 1:29 PM Flag

    That .021 resistance is not REAL - HUGE bid support- please understand how the Market Makers work

    you guys, there is HUGE bid support at .0018, and its getting BIGGER, this thing will explode like a bomb - the reason you see that big resistance at the .0021 is because the market maker is simply throwiing it up there to make it look like it has resistance, to balance out the HUGE support on the bid - I day to day watch this stock at the level II , I have millions of shares, this thing is about to POP big time in my opinion - you wont be able to get this stock at .002 or .0021 for long, because there is not as much resistance as its showing, good luck with your trading.

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    • how could it be at .0016 if there is huge support at .0018?

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      • the bid support changes daily, since APRIL 8th, the stock has moved from a bid suuport of .0018 to now .0015 and .0016 - which is couple tics lower now, so what that means is you are getting a better value here, you still got a ton of owners on this one at that .0018 level and also the .0020 level - everyone is just buying and holding here - waiting on that next news to break - should be coming soon - also MCET is on the OTC QB - they need to hit a penny in the month of April here to stay on the OTC QB - otherwise they will go to the OTC pink - which is no big deal - its actually cheaper for them to be on the PINK - but they like to be on the QB so they have that upgraded look to investors. this is a great buy at this level imo - good luck!

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    • we are STRONG on this low volume day today, good stuff!!!!

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    • you guys this one has been holding exceelent on these lower than average days, that tells you how many people are along for the LONG ride, news will be great on this one, it always moves nicely with news - i believe we can make it to pennyland

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    • Hey everyone, yeah, you can do a reverse split to get to a penny, that is definitely a strategy, but before we start thinking about reverse split, this stock has teeth, you have to look at the chart, and you need to look at the buying volume on this chart, there is a bulk of longs that bought this stock at .0021 and .0022 - in the last few months that has been the entry point for many people, you can see it in their historical purchases, all these buyers want to make money, so they are holding, the volume everyday has been steady and today the volume upticked a bit from yesterday and we are still holding at .0019. also if you look at the chart you are starting to see the ascending triangles pattern, the chart is really looking nice.

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    • Was advised to get OUT fast!!

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